People Counting Analytics

Accurately count the number of people who enter and exit a specific area, providing businesses with valuable insights and data to make informed decisions.

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All the data you will ever need to understand customer behavior.

People Counting for Retail Stores

Measure footfall across stores, benchmark sales performance based on industry averages, identify top and bottom performers, optimise staff allocation, and increase sales revenues.

  • In/Out Counting
  • Peak Hours
  • Visit Duration
  • Turn-in Rate
  • Outside Traffic
  • Group Size
  • Staff Exclusion
  • Sales Conversion

Traffic Flow Monitoring for Shopping Malls

Gain valuable insights into shopper behaviour, optimise operations, justify rental rates, and improve profitability in shopping malls. Access real-time data on shopper count and dwell time to make operational adjustments and strategic plans for enhanced performance.

  • In/Out Counting
  • Total Occupancy
  • Peak Hours
  • Visit Duration
  • Area Counting
  • Crowd Counting
  • Group Size
  • Demographic Analytics

Footfall visible. Make better decision.

Cost-effective solutions that provide businesses with valuable data insights and improve their operations.

Is there any missed opportunities?
Categorise the stores based on identical profiling and benchmark their footfall and sales trend. 

How to increase sales?
Staff training to improve customer experience, to increase sales conversion.

How can I increase footfall?
Enhance windows display to attract more footfall to visit the store.

Have the stores maximised their sales potential?
Encourage store staffs to cross sell to increase the average basket size.

Expert Services and Reliable Support

Installation Services

We’ll install your people counting system with reliable equipment and minimal disruption.

Integration Services

We’ll connect your people counting system with your existing systems for a better understanding of your business.

Data Analysis Services

We’ll analyze your people counting data, provide reports, and offer training for maximum value.

Maintenance and Support Services

We’ll ensure your people counting system runs smoothly and provide support and training as needed.

People Counter Sensor installation, tuning services, accuracy counter

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