Installation Services

We have a team of experienced field service engineers who can manage the projects for you, from deployment to maintenance, regardless of the project size.

Deployment and Project Management

We have over 200 experienced installers and technicians who offer comprehensive installation and site visit services. We have successfully deployed People Counting Sensors for various industries, ranging from retail, shopping malls, offices to public transportation, and more.


Assessing the required devices and installation locations, designing a tailored system that aligns with your business needs and use cases.


We possess the technical expertise to install and calibrate hardware with precision, guaranteeing optimal performance.


Ensuring your system always stays in top condition, we have engineers who manage it, from proactive monitoring to site visits and more.


Our system availability software monitors your people counting system’s performance. Our experienced technical support team ensures high performance consistently, providing multilingual support.

Integration to your existing systems

TheCountLab integrates data from your POS, ERP, PowerBI, or any other BI system into our analytics software, delivering the essential performance indicators for your business.

We help you
analyse data

We have analysts ready to discuss your business needs, ensuring that our people counting system delivers the business metrics that provide value to your organization, along with system recommendations.

Explore options that would fit your budgets