People Counting Sensors for
All Businesses

Accurate People Counting for All Environments

We provide people counting sensors equipped with various counting technologies to accommodate diverse business requirements. Each counting technology is tailored for the specific use case within its usage environment.

3D People Counter for Door Counting

3D ProWave™

mmWave Sensor for Larger Area

3D Mini™

ToF Sensor for Single Door Entrance

Mesh Hub™

Networking Gateway for IoT devices


AI-Powered Facial Recognition Sensor


AI Video Analytics for Existing CCTVs

Space Sense™

PiR Presence Detector


E-display for Room Booking System

3D People Counter for Standard Ceiling Height

This flagship people counter, designed for entrance counting, with unparalleled accuracy of up to 99%.

  • 3D Stereo Vision and A.I. Analytics
  • Wide coverage area up to 8m
  • Mounting Heights: 2.1m – 4.5m
  • Suitable for retail stores and shopping malls

Activity Tracking Sensor for Larger Area

It’s designed to have anonymous counting at source to guarantee full privacy for people counting, no video.

  • Millimetre Wave Sensor
  • 120 degree super wide coverage
  • Can count people even in sitting position
  • Suitable for larger areas, e.g.: office collaboration areas

ToF Sensor for Single-Door Entrance

Cost effective people counter for single door, designed to count even under low light or complete darkness.

  • Time-of-Flight (ToF) Sensor
  • Total privacy – No camera
  • Mounting Heights: 1.9m – 3.0m
  • Suitable for meeting rooms and washrooms

AI Video Analytics for Existing CCTV System

Integrate AI analytics into your CCTV system to enhance cost efficiency without any extra infrastructure costs.

  • AI video analytics for people detection and tracking
  • Works with any IP CCTV cameras
  • Supports up to 8x areas of interest
  • Suitable for retail, shopping malls and public venues

AI-Powered Facial Recognition Sensor

Designed to capture faces at eye-level for higher accuracy on facial detection and analysis.

  • Adaptive AI Analytics Camera Sensor
  • Lightweight, flexible mounting options
  • AI-based image processing
  • Demographic analysis for customer profiling

Networking Gateway for IoT Sensors

Designed primarily as a Network Gateway for our IoT devices, it also supports third-party sensors.

  • Multiple network variants available
  • Connect up to 50 IoT devices
  • Standalone Mesh Network with daisy-chaining
  • Ultra low power consumption

People Counting Features

Entrance Counting

The most essential people counting data all businesses need is to measure visitor numbers at entrance, helping in understanding traffic trends.

U-Turns Not Counted

If a person doesn't fully enter your premise and leaves, their count won't be included, ensuring that the actual conversion rate is reflected.

Child Filter

Utilising the 3D depth map, our people counter can differentiate between adults and children, excluding children from the count.

Group Count

Identify “groups” by analysing the proximity and timing of individuals; “purchasing group” metric is often more relevant than individual counts.

Employee Exclusion

Distinguish employees from visitors with staff exclusion methods, achieving a more accurate footfall count for realistic sales conversions.

Privacy Filters

We offer three levels of privacy filters to ensure no personally identifiable information is captured. Contact us to learn more.


Yes, our counters can work with both PoE and PoE+.

FootfallCam provides 4 types of power cable to the international customer:

  • A. Type G
  • B. Type B
  • C. Type F
  • D. Type I

Users that are looking for other type of power cable will need to source from their local country, or they may choose from one of the power cable above that is compatible in their country.

An individual will not be counted twice even if the counter coverage overlaps an area, this is due to FootfallCam verification specialist having the expertise to exclude overlapping area from each counter.

Yes, FootfallCam People Counter can exclude kids counting which are below 1.3m in height (Default Value).
For your information, you may raise a support ticket for adjust the threshold height is adjustable upon request.

Yes, the counter can be easily relocated. You will need a Cat5e cable to connect the counter to the IT router. However, the accuracy of the counter would need to fine-tune again after relocated to ensure it could achieve 95% accuracy as different settings would need to apply for different environments.

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