Software Analytics

Software Beyond People Counting

The Ultimate Tool for Reviewing and Planning

Data Insights

Effortlessly review analytics and KPIs for informed decision-making at your fingertips, empowering businesses to act swiftly.

Workspace for Planning

Empowering businesses with a dedicated workspace for strategic planning, able to accurately forecast traffic and optimize operations

Customizable Settings

Businesses can effortlessly tailor settings and dashboards to prioritize the most valuable data.

Intelligent Recommendations

Uses AI-powered technology to provide recommendations and suggest actions based on data insights.

Streamlined Operations

Real-time data and analytics help businesses identify inefficiencies and reduce costs, streamlining operations.

Boosted Efficiency

Streamlined processes and a user-friendly interface maximize efficiency, saving businesses valuable time and boosting productivity

Measuring the number of visitors

Tracking and quantifying the individuals entering a physical space. Real-time and historical data on foot traffic and occupancy levels. The collected information is presented through intuitive dashboards and reports for actionable insights.

Comparing sales data with footfall data or purchasing group

When comparing sales data with footfall data, businesses aim to understand the correlation between customer visits and actual purchases. By analyzing footfall data alongside sales data, businesses can determine conversion rates, which indicate the percentage of visitors who actually make a purchase. This analysis helps evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts, store layout, or other factors influencing customer behavior.

Measuring customer engagement within an area of interest

Measuring customer engagement within an area of interest helps businesses understand the level of customer interest and involvement. By considering indicators such as time spent, interactions, repeat visits or purchases, and surveys, businesses can gain valuable insights to inform decision-making and improve their offerings.

Object Classification-Differentiating between adults,kids and objects

Object classification techniques that differentiate between adults, kids, and objects significantly improve classification accuracy. By utilizing visual cues like size, proportions, facial features, body posture, movement, and contextual information, we can achieve more precise and reliable results. Accurate object classification holds great potential for enhancing understanding and analysis.

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