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Product Summary
30-100 devices to measure footfall across stores, benchmark traffic performance to improve the marketing strategic, implement targeted campaign, optimise cleaning schedule, security arrangements

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Product Description

People Counting - What’s Measured
  • Visitor In and out- traffic trends in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years
  • Live occupancy of the traffic in the mall
  • Live accumulated footfall data of the day
  • Peak and non-peak hours
  • Visit duration
  • Traffic mix by entrance
  • Seasonal traffic variations
  • Marketing campaign impact
  • Floor Traffic Patterns
  • Sales Performance of each shop
What's Included


FootfallCam 3D Pro2

AI powered 3D Stereo Vision People Counter powered by 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor, engineered to handled complex video algorithm. It’s GPU efficiently runs AI-based algorithms that leverage depth, color, texture for highly precise person identification.

PoE Mid span and screw kits

Ethernet connection for seamless data transfer and remote access

Installation Kit and Installation Apps

All necessary installation guide and steps are provided, making the setup process smooth and hassle-free

1-year manufacturer warranty with optional extended up to 5th years

Software (With Support Contract)

FootfallCam V9 Analytics Manager

Equipped with enterprise-class software with web-based reporting suite to collect and manage data, visualise the data and business metrics With a set of prescriptive dashboard and reports designed for each role in your organisation.

Customisable workflow and reporting fit the business needs.

Scalable and expandable: Designed to accommodate future expansion, ensuring the flexibility as your mall grow

Real-time monitoring

Alert and notifications

Data integrity and health check

Rules engine

Multi-layer access management


Server API, Power BI integration

Featuring Role-based Analytics

Top Management

KPI Dashboard – Provide an overview of critical metrics for the shopping mall overall performance. Footfall trends, revenue, occupancy rate and tenant performance are the essential for top management to assess the mall’s health and success. Provide the visibility to the top management on the below business questions:

  • How’s the tenant mix contributing to footfall traffics, what action can be taken to optimise the occupancy rates?
  • What is the overall customer satisfaction level, what are the key drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction?
  • How can we improve the shopping experience to retain and attract more customer?

Marketing Manager

Campaign Effectiveness- Provide the data on how is the impact of each campaign towards the growth of the footfall. Segmenting customer based on their behavior , preferences to target specific group with personalised promotions and offers. Provide the visibility to the Marketing manager in the below business questions:

  • Which campaign have the highest impact towards the growth of footfall?
  • How effective are the “Travel Fair” Events towards the grow of traffic in the mall?
  • If i would like to host a specific campaign, how likely is my predicted growth in footfall?

Operation Manager

Provide the overall cleanliness of the mall facility like washroom by setting the threshold for utilisation and manage the cleaner more effectively in the cleaning work when the traffic breaching a certain threshold. FootfallCam Demand-Based Washroom Cleaning Management app can help by sending alerts and requests to cleaners to improve cleaning efficiency. This prevents over-cleaning or under-cleaning, leading to both cost savings in maintenance and an improved shopping experience for customers.

  • Which washroom is under-cleaned now?
  • What data sources are used to monitor shopper footfall and facility usage?
  • How can I optimize the cleaner schedule planning?

IT Manager

360° System Dashboard- Reduce the maintenance cost and ensure high data integrity. Gain real-time insights into all aspects of the system including data availability, system status, devices accuracy, alerting and issue tracking. Experience streamlined operations, which in turn lead to minimized training time and costs during personnel transitions. Respond promptly to minimize disruptions and uphold data integrity while also gaining a holistic view of the operational system – from device deployment details to overall system health and ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • How can we maintain the data and system efficiency?
  • How can we identify and manage device issues or offline devices?
  • How can we assess the overall performance of the IT infrastructure?

What Your Setup Can Look Like

From System Design To Install, We Take Every Step For You

  • Experienced technical consultant in planning the devices and achieved the budget fit for your system deployment
  • Streamlines processes and project management for on-time delivery without compromising quality
  • Expert engineer in system configuration and tuning
  • Integration work to ensure the seamless integration with your existing business function
  • Dedicated team for ongoing support and maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Look After The System For Us?

As part of the proposal. we would draw up the agreed system plan to clearly identify the works and responsibilities of each party involved. This would help the mall owner to have transparency on the total cost of ownership and accountability on the area phase of the project.

What If There Are Additional Devices Needed During The Deployment That Were Not Part Of The Initial Planning?

In case additional devices are required during deployment, we will install them upon receiving confirmation and a purchase order. The payment for these additional devices will be billed after the project deployment.

Can I Appoint A Preferred Contractor For The Installation?

Absolutely, you have the option to appoint your preferred contractor for the installation and we will provide you with access to our FootfallCam Support Chat App where you could book an installation support session with us. We will provide you with full remote support to guide your installer step by step on the installation to ensure that the device is being set up and commissioning properly.

How Long Does The Project Deployment Process Take?

The timeline for project deployment varies depending on factors such as the project’s scope, the number of units to be installed, site readiness, and environmental constraints. Typically, our project deployment is completed within 2 weeks.

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